Sentence Examples

  • The inhabitants of Tibet call themselves Bod-pa (pronounced usually Bho-pa), or " people of Bod."
  • The summit of the great mountain mass is occupied by Tibet, a country known by its inhabitants under the name of Bod or Bodyul.
  • Among the few prose writers of distinction were Andrew Spangar, whose " Hungarian Bookstore," Magyar Konyvtdr (Kassa, 1738), is said to be the earliest work of the kind in the Magyar dialect; George Baranyi, who translated the New Testament (Lauba, 1 754); the historians Michael Cserei and Matthew Bel, which last, however, wrote chiefly in Latin; and Peter Bod, who besides his theological treatises compiled a history of Hungarian literature under the title Magyar Athends (Szeben, 1766).
  • 1 The only other English sense is that of a printer's workshop, or the bod y of compositors in it, who are presided over by a "father of the chapel."
  • The Tibetans call their country Bod, which (For the northern part, see China) Scale, 1:9.500.000 0 Railways Longitude East 85 of Greenwich word in colloquial pronunciation is aspirated into Bhod or Bhot, and in the modern Lhasa dialect is curtailed into Bho.