Sentence Examples

  • For a truly functional design, look into the Bodacious Beach Blanket, a folded, padded blanket that offers a removable oversized towel, inflatable pillows and waterproof compartments for your personal items.
  • Chances are, if you were born with curly hair, you've wished at one point that it was straight, and the same goes for the gals who were born with slick tresses who crave your bodacious curls.
  • Mr. Oliver: They can purchase the blanket tote online at Bodacious Beach . There is additional information on the website that highlights the features of the blanket as well.
  • This Bodacious Beach Blanket tote interview clearly shows that the Bodacious Beach Blanket is an inventive, attractive and functional creation of Mr. Bill Oliver.
  • The Kathleen Sommers line can be found at several locations in Dallas, including Bodacious Boutique, Outfitters of Little Fork, Canal Clothing and Mdc Gift Shop.

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