Sentence Examples

  • Before you demolish your kitchen to completely remodel it, take stock of your home improvement skills.
  • It needs some major tweaks to camera angles and the unbalanced ability to demolish an opponent by throwing explosive barrels at them from across the room.
  • It was forbidden under penalty of death to demolish crosses and images and to commit other acts of scandal and impious sedition.
  • The object of the attack on the mole at Zeebrugge was first to seize the battery at the seaward end and prevent it firing at the block ships, and then to demolish the structures on it as far as possible.
  • According to the Annals of the Four Masters a fleet burned Cork in 821; in 846 the Danes appear to have been in possession of the town, for a force was collected to demolish their fortress; and in 1012 Cork again fell in flames.