Sentence Examples

  • Power in the Melanges de la faculte orientate de l'universite Saint-Joseph, Beirut, 1906).
  • Fougeres, Mantinee et l'Arcadie orientate (1898), according to whom Odysseus is an Arcadian chthonian divinity and Penelope a goddess of flocks and herds, akin to the Arcadian Artemis; S.
  • De Vogue, Mélanges d'archeologie orientate (Paris, 1869); J.
  • P. 121 seq.; Chabot, Synodicon orientate (1902) (a collection 01
  • He published several Latin translations of Arabic works, of which the most important was the Chronicon Orientate of Ibnar-Rahib (Paris, 16J3), a history of the patriarchs of Alexandria.