Sentence Examples

  • In investigating the effects of mixture on the widening of lines in absorption spectrum, R.
  • The harbour, originally constructed as a refuge for British ships of war, is one of the best on the east coast, and has been improved by the widening of the piers and the extension of the breakwaters.
  • And, on the whole, the widening of intellectual interests is the chief feature by which the second period of Scholasticism may be distinguished from the first.
  • Beyond Colombia are Ecuador and Peru, where, in the widening of the continent, architecture, stone-working, pottery, metallurgy, textiles are again exalted.
  • His sudden return, far from widening the breaches between the allies, had fused them indissolubly together, and the four powers bound themselves to put 150,000 men apiece under arms and to maintain them in the field until Napoleon had been utterly crushed.