Sentence Examples

  • Sexually active young women being treated with isotretinoin must use a reliable contractive, and they need to use contraception for up to one month after stopping use of the drug.
  • Yin and Yang: Foods have expansive (yin) energy and contractive (yang) energy.
  • The dynamical series of stages in nature, the forms in which the ideal structure of nature is realized, are matter, as the equilibrium of the fundamental expansive and contractive forces; light, with its subordinate processes - magnetism, electricity, and chemical action; organism, with its component phases of reproduction, irritability and sensibility.'
  • In this instrument the results of varying atmospheric pressure were not distinguishable from the expansive and contractive effects of heat and cold, and it became an efficient measure of temperature only when Rinieri, in 1646, introduced the improvement of hermetically sealing the liquid in glass.

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