Sentence Examples

  • When a plug was inserted in the spring-jack the connexion between the springs was opened, disconnecting the calling-drop from the line.
  • The call is controlled by the trunk operators, the junction circuits being equipped in such a manner that the subscribers' signals appear at the trunk exchanges, from which point disconnecting signals are sent automatically to the local exchanges, when the connexions between the trunk and the junction circuits are removed.
  • To prevent accidents from the breaking of the rope while the cage is travelling in the shaft, or from over-winding when in consequence of the engine not being stopped in time the cage may be drawn up to the head-gear pulleys (both of which are unhappily not uncommon), various forms of safety catches and disconnecting hooks have been adopted.
  • Gladstone introduced ministry, a bill disconnecting the Irish Church from the state, establishing a synod for its government, andafter leaving it in possession of its churches and its parsonages, and making ample provision for the life-interest of its existing clergydevoting the bulk of its property to the relief of distress in Ireland.
  • The effect is most easily shown by connecting a voltaic cell to a thermopile for a short interval, then quickly (by means of a suitable key, such as a Pohl commutator with the cross connectors removed) disconnecting the pile from the cell and connecting it to a galvanometer, which will indicate a current in the reverse direction through the pile, and approximately proportional to the original current in intensity, provided that the other conditions of the experiment are constant.