Sentence Examples

  • I take it this is his way of hooking me up with a man to keep me in line?
  • She knew by their similar facial features they were brothers, and Romas's threat of hooking her up with one made her more self-conscious.
  • She cut his rope, figuring on hooking back up with that Ryland fellow but then his girlfriend showed up and in no uncertain terms pointed out why that was a dead end.
  • Capture begins among the lower tribes with the hand, without devices, developing knack and skill in seizing, pursuing, climbing, swimming, and maiming without weapons; and proceeds to gathering with devices that take the place of the hand in dipping, digging, hooking and grasping; weapons for striking, whether clubs, missiles or projectiles; edged weapons of capture, which were rare in America; piercing devices for capture, in lances, barbed spears, harpoons and arrows; traps for enclosing, arresting and killing, such as pens, cages, pits, pen-falls, nets, hooks, nooses, clutches, adhesives, deadfalls, impalers, knife traps and poisons; animals consciously and unconsciously aiding in capture; fire in the form of torches, beacons, burning out and smoking out; poisons and asphyxiators; the accessories to hunting, including such changes in food, dress, shelter, travelling, packing, mechanical tools and intellectual apparatus as demanded by these arts.
  • In the debates on the Reform Bills submitted to the House of Commons from 1859 to 1867, Bright's was the most influential voice He rebuked Lowe's "Botany Bay view," and described Horsman as retiring to his "cave of Adullam," and hooking in Lowe.