Sentence Examples

  • To enable the reader to compare the several groups of Nitzsch with the families of L'Herminier, the numbers applied by the latter to his families are suffixed in square brackets to the names of the former; and, disregarding the order of sequence, which is here immaterial, the essential correspondence of the two systems is worthy of all attention, for it obviously means that these two investigators, starting from different points, must have been on the right track, when they so often coincided as to the limits of what they considered to be, and what we are now almost justified in calling, natural groups.'
  • The expressions in square brackets are in each case to be taken as relating to the extreme values x =xo and x=xm, as in §§ 75 and 76.
  • - Premising that they are more or less scattered, and that several lie on the same plane, the following list gives the majority of the inhabited islands from south to north, the number within brackets indicating the population.
  • In case neither of the above methods can be applied, brackets should be used at each floor level or a continuous deep beam or girder carried all around the building.
  • 5,462,198 is (6) (5) (4) (3) (2) (I) (o) 5462 I 9 8 the small figures in brackets indicating the successive powers.