Sentence Examples

  • Couples and families had been walking up and down the beach all day.
  • "In couples," replied the officer in command in a calm voice.
  • Several of the rooms on either side were open, revealing couples in various stages of undress, a room with junkies shooting up and potheads lighting up, and a room filled with what looked like people sleeping.
  • The swirl of gowns of dancing couples drew her attention to the ballroom with the orchestra.
  • When the four cranks are placed with two pairs at 180°, the pairs being at 90°, the forces are balanced without the introduction of a hammer-blow, but there remain large unbalanced couples, which if balanced by means of revolving weights in the wheels again reintroduce the hammerblow, and if left unbalanced tend to make the engine oscillate in a horizontal plane at high speed.