Sentence Examples

  • Triple Step Dance Productions: Teaching a variety of swing dance that is primarily Lindy Hop but with a touch of West Coast Swing added in for good measure, Trip Step Dance Productions specializes in swing dancing lessons.
  • Hip hop dance was born in the streets and is a highly improvisational form, which incorporates moves from lindy hop, Brazilian capoeira, jazz, tap, West Coast funk and even James Brown.
  • Lindy Smith's Cakes to Inspire and Desire shows how to make cakes that are suitable for the classiest or the silliest birthday party, for adults or kids.
  • Lindy Hop: Another fun style of swing dancing, these Lindy Hop swing lessons are good for beginners and intermediate students.
  • Finally, the Lindy Library is a website where many different swing dancers are celebrated through images, articles and video.