Sentence Examples

  • The Jitterbug: Part one of a three part series in instructional videos teaching the Jitterbug, this video is a good one for beginning dancers because even the dance frame is explained at the beginning.
  • Rockabilly, which combined rock 'n' roll and hillbilly a la Elvis, was an intense, rhythm-driven music that made for very busy dancing, like the Jitterbug of the 1940s and the Charleston in the 1920s.
  • Not surprisingly, you will not find any information easily available on the Jitterbug website - though you can easily find out how to tell them how much you love their phones.
  • About 160,000 Jitterbug units were recalled in mid-2009 because they ran the risk of not successfully connecting to 911 in an emergency if they were in a no-service area.
  • Even the name, "Jitterbug," is designed to evoke a response to the classic dance, and the website talks about how the phone is aimed at baby boomers and their parents.