Sentence Examples

  • In 874 the march of the Danes from Lindsey to Repton drove Burgred from his kingdom.
  • At one time, indeed, he found Lavoisier's views so specious that he was much inclined to accept them, but he overcame this wavering, and so late as 1800 he wrote to the Rev. Theophilus Lindsey (1723-1808), "I have well considered all that my opponents have advanced and feel perfectly confident of the ground I stand upon....
  • Despite the treachery of Elfric, the English were victorious; and the Danes sailed off to ravage Lindsey and Northumbria.
  • Formerly there were similar districts in Lindsey in Lincolnshire.
  • They are distinguished as the north, east and west ridings, but the ancient divisions of Lindsey were known as the north, south and west ridings respectively.