Sentence Examples

  • She was distraught about something, though he couldn't fathom what might distress her if the news of his sisters' impending babes and complete loss of honor did not.
  • "The babes my sisters carry will be the first birthed to Anshan in over seven sun-cycles," he said.
  • Both sexes dressed with Puritan plainness; husbands and wives quitted their homes for convents; marriage became an awful and scarcely permitted rite; mothers suckled their own babes; and persons of all ranks - nobles, scholars and artists - renounced the world to assume the Dominican robe.
  • Another story is that six babes, miraculously conceived, were born of the six nymphs, and that Parvati, the wife of Siva, in her great affection for them, embraced the infants so closely that they became one, but preserved six faces, twelve arms, feet, eyes, &c. Kartikeya became the victor of giants and the leader of the armies of the gods.
  • The goddess Fortuna here went by the name of Primigenia (First-Born, but perhaps in an active sense FirstBearer); she was represented suckling two babes, said to be Jupiter and Juno, and she was especially worshipped by matrons.

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