Sentence Examples

  • She wore an impish look, high cheekbones and the only lavender eyes Dean had ever seen.
  • The parcel contained a beautiful lavender dress, causing Cynthia to let out a slight gasp.
  • He closed his eyes and tugged on a pair of lavender briefs before pulling up the bottom to the PJ's.
  • He silently chastised himself for even caring that some guy named Cleary had spent a few weeks in Scranton and now was traveling off in the sunset in a blue-white-or-lavender motor home.
  • If the gas be mixed with the vapour of carbon disulphide, the mixture burns with a vivid lavender-coloured flame Nitric oxide is soluble in solutions of ferrous salts, a dark brown solution being formed, which is readily decomposed by heat, with evolution of nitric oxide.

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