Adjectives That Start with L

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Updated June 28, 2022
Adjectives That Start with L
    Adjectives That Start with L
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The origin of the letter "l" can be traced back to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics. The Egyptian symbol for "l" was represented by the figure of a lion. Maybe that explains why the capital letter "L" has such a majestic quality. It then went through many different forms with the Phoenicians, Greeks and Romans, only to evolve into its present angular shape.

From labyrinthine to lyrical, the letter "l" can settle into words with a wealth of different meanings. Let's get ready to lollygag through a long list of adjectives starting with "l" and see which ones stick in your memory bank.

List of 50 Adjectives That Start With L

Here are our top 50 adjectives that start with "l":

  1. lackadaisical - showing absolutely no interest or enthusiasm
  2. lackluster - boring or without much energy; dull
  3. lacy - trimmed with or covered in lace; having a lace-like appearance
  4. ladylike - proper behavior, exhibiting manners suitable for a lady
  5. lame - weak or unconvincing; having an injured leg or foot
  6. lanky - very tall and thin
  7. lamentable - bad or unsatisfactory
  8. languid - without energy, enthusiasm, sluggish
  9. large - sizable, having an extensive capacity
  10. lascivious - expressing lust or desire
  11. late - after expected or allowed; just before the end of something
  12. latent - something present within someone or something but rarely used
  13. latter - the second of two; closer to the end than the beginning
  14. laudable - worthy of being praised
  15. laureled - adorned or crowned to signify victory
  16. lavender - light purple in color
  17. lavish - generous or liberal in giving; elaborate, luxurious
  18. lawful - legal, consistent with what is allowed under the law
  19. lawless - not legal, done without consideration for what the law requires
  20. lax - someone or something that's not strict or firm; loose, slack
  21. lazy - lacking effort or energy; without a drive to work or accomplish tasks
  22. leaden - to feel sluggish, slow, or lacking in energy
  23. leafless - without any leaves
  24. leaflike - resembling a leaf in shape or appearance
  25. leathery - dried out with a texture that is tough
  26. leafy - having quite a few leaves
  27. lethal - harmful, destructive, causing (or likely to cause) death
  28. lecherous - given to excessive, offensive desire
  29. leftover - surplus amount, quantity remaining after original use
  30. legible - text that is sufficiently clear to be read
  31. legitimate - something that is obtained or owned in an appropriate or legal manner
  32. lemonlike - having a tart and/or sour flavor similar to that of a lemon
  33. lengthy - taking a long time, protracted
  34. lenient - someone or something that's not harsh or strict
  35. liable - being accountable or responsible for something
  36. lifelong - remaining throughout the entirety of someone’s life
  37. lifesize - something that is as large as the person or items it depicts
  38. likable - having a pleasant demeanor that people find easy to like
  39. limber - able to move smoothly, flexible
  40. literate - having the ability to read and write
  41. loaded - filled completely; having an excessive amount or an abundance of something
  42. logical - conclusion derived via sound reasoning, fact-based reasoning
  43. loopy - slightly crazy, confused, eccentric
  44. loquacious - very talkative
  45. loutish - uncouth or aggressive
  46. lowly - low in status or humble
  47. lucid - understandable, information that is expressed clearly
  48. lucky - positive outcome that occurs by chance
  49. lugubrious - sad, dismal, gloomy, especially in an exaggerated way
  50. luxuriant - relating to richness and extravagance; lush, fertile

Example Sentences With L-Adjectives

Whether you’re using an L-adjective to describe someone or something, there are plenty of ways to use these descriptive words in sentences.

  • I am hungry enough to eat a large pizza by myself.
  • I’m hoping for a low-cost vacation rental this late in the season.
  • Susie is the lawful owner of a vacation home at the beach.
  • My homeroom teacher is pretty lax with the rules.
  • To harvest dried beans, let the pods get leathery on the vine.
  • I’m looking forward to eating leftover soup for lunch tomorrow.
  • Bob’s class notes are surprisingly legible.
  • I prefer sodas with a lemonlike flavor over colas.
  • The commencement speech was too lengthy for my liking.
  • The new student in my class seems likable enough.
  • Lisa and I have a lifelong friendship.
  • Tracy says that she feels very limber after completing a yoga class.
  • I am not very literate with regards to medical terminology.
  • My favorite menu item at that restaurant is a loaded baked potato.
  • Becoming general manager seems like a logical step up from assistant manager.
  • I felt a bit loopy after taking pain medication for my injury.
  • I’ll be just a lowly freshman when I start college next year.
  • It takes a little while for me to be lucid after waking up from a deep sleep.
  • I got lucky with my first gardening experience.
  • I’m looking forward to a lazy and relaxing day at the spa.

L-Adjectives Practice Test

Now that you have a lovely list of adjectives that start with "l" in your back pocket, you can practice using these adjectives in a sentence with a quick practice test. Simply select from the adjectives above to complete the sentences. Please note that it is possible for more than one word to fit.

  1. Since Marta broke up with her boyfriend she has been feeling very __________. She needs some cheering up!
  2. I'm so mad at Joe because he forgot to pick me up at the airport. When I asked him why, he made some ___________ excuse.
  3. Everyone loves Mr. York because he is quite ___________ when it comes to giving homework.
  4. The play got bad reviews in the paper, mostly because of the main actor's ___________ performance.
  5. Although Tim comes across as ______________, he is not always silly and is actually very smart.
  6. I don't go to that cafe anymore because the waiters are so ______________. It is like they do not want to be working.
  7. My friend spared no expense on her ______________ wedding reception.
  8. Michelle has a ______________ artistic side. She used to paint 10 years ago.

Answer Key: 1. languid or lugubrious; 2. lame; 3. lax or lenient; 4. lackluster; 5. loopy; 6. lackadaisical; 7. lavish; 8. Latent

You may also find these adjective worksheets to be helpful.


Expand Your Descriptive Language Skills

Of course, there are different types of adjectives. Once you practice using these adjectives that start with "l," review a list of common adjectives that start with a variety of different letters. From there, explore some positive adjectives and consider how to most effectively incorporate them into your vocabulary. You’ll be on your way to effectively using descriptive words in your writing and conversations.