Adjective Worksheets for Elementary and Middle School

Updated March 23, 2021
Adjective Worksheets

    Adjective worksheets for kids and tweens can be used to teach or practice adjective lessons. Challenge elementary students to find adjectives in simple sentences, then move on for middle schoolers to identifying adjectives in paragraphs.

    Elementary Adjective Worksheets

    Adjective worksheets for upper elementary grades will help the students identify adjectives and the nouns they modify. These worksheets are for students who already know the basics about adjectives and their functions, but could serve as a review for more advanced students.

    List of Adjectives Worksheet

    Even lower elementary students can explore the world of adjectives with this simple printable list. Students will need to choose one adjective that starts with each letter of the alphabet.

    alphabet of adjectives worksheet

    Alphabet adjectives

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    Underline the Adjectives Worksheet

    This worksheet asks students to identify adjectives and nouns they modify in 15 sentences. See if you can find the adjectives in each sentence. What noun does each describe?

    1. Sometimes, we imagine little monsters that are vicious and mean.
    2. Goblins might be mischievous or want to play.
    3. In fairy tales, there are hungry giants that eat people.
    4. An ugly, wrinkled witch is considered a monster by some.
    5. Werewolves are changeable and dangerous.
    6. Soccer is fast and exciting.
    7. Football has defensive teams and offensive teams.
    8. Sometimes the weather is cold and snowy when people snowboard.
    9. Skiing is exhilarating and dangerous.
    10. You need a strong, muscular body to be good at sports.
    11. A favorite sport of Americans is baseball, which has a grassy outfield.
    12. Athletes need nutritious foods and healthy snacks.
    13. Sports are beneficial and fun.
    14. You need great reflexes and an agile body to study martial arts.
    15. People who play tennis wear white clothes to reflect the hot sun.
    Underline the adjectives worksheet

    Underline adjectives worksheet

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    Adjective Sentences Worksheet

    Students will practice writing sentences using five adjectives on this worksheet. Students will also need to choose an adjective from each of five types of adjectives to use in a sentence.

    Can you think of a sentence using each of these adjectives?

    1. Gigantic
    2. Nervous
    3. Sparkling
    4. Thundering
    5. Freezing
    Adjective Sentences

    Adjective sentences

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    Adjective Categories Worksheet

    Grouping adjectives into categories can help students better understand how common adjectives work. On this worksheet, students have to separate adjectives into four different categories.

    Can you think of four adjectives for each of the following nouns?

    1. Weather
    2. Plants
    3. Animals
    4. People
    5. Oceans
    Adjective Categories Worksheet

    Adjective categories worksheet

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    Middle School Adjective Worksheet

    Middle school adjective worksheets help students practice identifying different kinds of adjectives.


    Adjective Identification Paragraph Worksheet

    Adjective paragraph worksheets challenge students to find dozens of adjectives and identify the noun each one modifies. On this worksheet, students will read two paragraphs and find more than 25 adjectives.

    Can you find all eight adjectives in this paragraph?

    If you spot a hideous monster, you should run away fast. Don’t stare into their beady eyes. Don’t stare at their sharp teeth. Just run. Keep your wide eyes looking forward so you don’t trip and fall. Keep running until you see your beautiful house. Run inside the safe, warm house and shut the heavy door.

    adjective identification paragraphs worksheet

    Adjective identification paragraphs

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    Awesome Adjective Activities

    Adjective activities and worksheets help students practice the skills they’ve learned from adjective lessons in elementary and middle school. Continue practicing by taking an adjective quiz or playing fun adjective games.