Adjectives That Start With Y

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Updated June 28, 2022
Adjectives That Start with Y
    Adjectives That Start with Y
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With many letters of the alphabet, there are a host of adjectives that are related to certain word families, root words or prefixes. Adjectives that start with "y" are no exception. You'll find several variations on the adjectives yellow and young, for example. Adjectives that start with "y" run the gamut of meanings. From clothes to countries or music to munchies, "y" adjectives can describe just about anything. Ready to have some fun?

List of 50 Adjectives That Start With Y

These adjectives beginning with "y" need very little introduction. They're full of character and life. Using them can enhance your ability to communicate effectively. Explore 50 adjectives that start with "y" in alphabetical order.

Adjective List: 25 Terms From Ya-Yo

Explore these adjectives that begin with "y," with an eye on how you can use them in your own writing or conversations.

  • Yankee - from the northeastern part of the United States; hailing from north of the Mason-Dixon line
  • yappy - talkative; loquacious
  • yare - when a ship is responsive and easy to handle
  • yawning - wide open; gaping
  • year-end - taking place at the end of the calendar or fiscal year
  • year-round - occurs on an ongoing basis throughout the year; not seasonal
  • yearling - an animal that is one year old; in its second year of life
  • yearly - annually; happening every year
  • yearned-for - something one has strongly wished to have for a long time
  • year-long - lasting the duration of one year
  • yeastlike - having a white, cakey appearance resembling yeast
  • yeasty - of, like or containing yeast
  • yellow - the color between orange and green in the color spectrum
  • yellowed - having turned yellow, likely from age
  • yellowy - having a yellow-like tint without being fully yellow
  • yellow-bellied - cowardly; afraid
  • yellow-covered - encased in something that is yellow
  • yellow-tinged - having faint yellow undertones
  • yellowish - something with a tint of yellow
  • yelping - making a shrill barking noise
  • Yemeni - of, pertaining to or from Yemen
  • Yemenite - from Yemen
  • Yiddish - having to do with Yiddish, a language spoken by Eastern European Jews and their descendants
  • yieldable - capable of yielding; may lead to a yield
  • yielding - flexible; being docile, submissive, obedient

Adjective List: 25 Words From Yo and Beyond

Keep exploring even more interesting adjectives that begin with "y." These descriptive adjectives are sure to enhance your writing and conversations.

  • yodeling - singing with abrupt changes between a normal chest register and falsetto
  • yogic - of or relating to yoga
  • yogistic - of or relating to yoga
  • yoked - draft animals connected by a yoke or harness
  • yokeless - not joined by a yoke
  • yokelish - behaving in an uncouth manner
  • yowling - cries made in pain or grief
  • yon - something located over in a particular direction
  • yond - something located far away in a certain direction
  • yonder - distant, but still within sight
  • young - being in an early period of life or growth; not old
  • young-at-heart - maintaining a youthful spirit after one has matured beyond youth
  • young-looking - having an appearance more youthful than one's actual age
  • younger - comparative term for something or someone that is less old than another
  • youngest - the least old out of several options
  • youngish - acting or appearing young
  • youngling - a person or animal that is very young
  • your - of or belonging to you; indicates possession
  • youthful - fresh; vigorous; active
  • yucky - unpleasant, distasteful
  • Yugoslav - from Yugoslavia
  • Yugoslavian - of or pertaining to Yugoslavia
  • yuletide - greetings of the Christmas season
  • Yuman - pertaining to a family of North American indigenous languages
  • yummy - very tasty; delectable; delicious

Example Sentences With Y Adjectives

To get to grips with your "y" adjectives, these example sentences show you the words in action.

  • That puppy sure was yappy.
  • The yawning, dark cave on the cliff looked ominous.
  • I'd like to take a year-long vacation from my job.
  • We should all take a yearly vacation.
  • I love the yeasty taste of sourdough bread.
  • Her yellow sundress was gorgeous.
  • The sheriff wanted to catch the yellow-bellied thief.
  • The yellowish tint in those curtains reminds me of a summer's day.
  • My Jewish friend is starting Yiddish lessons.
  • This year's high-yielding crop will give us a powerful surplus.
  • The small child surprised everyone by winning the yodeling competition.
  • Those who are at peace with themselves usually have yogic tendencies.
  • Please pluck that yonder lavender for my bouquet.
  • The young puppy was learning not to be yappy.
  • The youngish actor still had a lot to learn about the craft.
  • Is that your script?
  • My mom maintains such a youthful glow.
  • That wholewheat sandwich was yucky.
  • My new roommate is Yugoslavian.
  • That PB&J sandwich was yummy.

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