Sentence Examples

  • In his personal conduct he was chaste, temperate and sincerely pious.
  • 792842 Called the Chaste, son of Froila.
  • The counts of Castiie began, as a body, and not as a line of chiefs, in the reign of Alphonso the Chaste (789842).
  • Instead of being his sole good angel, she seems rather to have demoralized the king, who, hitherto chaste, henceforth gave himself up to courtesans.
  • The idea of Artemis '.s a virgin goddess, the "queen and huntress, chaste and fair," which obtained great prominence in early times, and seems inconsistent with her association with childbirth, is generally explained as due to her connexion with Apollo, but it is suggested by Farnell that irapOE'os originally meant "unmarried," and that "Apreµcs 7r-ap9Evos may have been originally the goddess of a people who had not yet the advanced Hellenic institutions of settled marriage.

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