Sentence Examples

  • If he wanted to kill her, to rape her, he could have done it with impunity many times over.
  • The oprichniki, as being the exclusive favourites of the tsar, naturally, in their own interests, hardened the tsar's heart against all outsiders, and trampled with impunity upon every one beyond the charmed circle.
  • The minority of the sultan gave full play to the anarchic elements in the state; the soldiery, spahis and janissaries, conscious of their power and reckless through impunity, rose in revolt whenever the whim seized them, demanding privileges and the heads of those who displeased them, not sparing even the sultan's favourites.
  • Impunity was granted to the perpetrators.
  • Another example of such impunity was the Armenian genocide of 1915 that was orchestrated by the Ottoman Empire.

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