Sentence Examples

  • She was in another world, and he had the privilege of viewing her creative juices first hand.
  • Gender had no privilege when dirty jobs were handed out.
  • She started to protest attorney-client privilege but he shook his head.
  • (the "Winter King") was driven from his dominions, the electoral privilege was transferred to Bavaria, and in 1648, by the Peace of Westphalia, an eighth electorate was created for the Wittelsbachs of the Palatinate, and was exercised by the senior branch of the family.
  • " What ever was perfect under the sun," ask the translators of the Authorized Version (1611) in their preface, " where apostles and apostolick men, that is, men endued with an extraordinary measure of God's Spirit, and privileged with the privilege of infallibility, had not their hand?"

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