Sentence Examples

  • I'm afraid you have me at a disadvantage.
  • I understand that you don't know our world, and that you have the disadvantage of having been through some truly awful things since being thrown into our world.
  • This plan has the advantage of permitting easy adjustment of the webs to such a distance apart as may be found most suitable for the particular observation, but has the disadvantage that it does not permit the zero of the position-circle to be determined with F IG- the same accuracy; because, whilst by means of the screw s 7 (fig.
  • Crude or unrefined petroleum needs a special air-spray pressure burner for its use, and this suffers from the disadvantage of being noisy.
  • The use of soft water entails a disadvantage of another character - that of corroding iron and lead work, soft water exercising a very vigorous chemical action FIG.

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