Sentence Examples

  • The moon suffers deprivation of light.
  • Suits to redress the deprivation of privilege secured by the constitution of the United States must be brought in a United States court.
  • No aid to the trained eye was necessary for such observations, and for many other such; yet, if we take Sir Thomas Watson (1792-1882) as a modern Sydenham, we may find in his lectures no suspicion that there may be a palsy of muscular co-ordination apart from deprivation of strength.
  • From such a position there seemed to be no escape but in legislation for the deprivation of the recalcitrant clergy; and the Public Worship Regulation Act (1874) was the result.
  • If this be "imprisonment," so called to distinguish it from "penal servitude," although both mean deprivation of liberty and are closely akin, it is undergone in one of the "local" prisons - the prisons till 1878 under local jurisdiction, but now entirely controlled by the state through the home secretary and the commissioners of prisons.