Sentence Examples

  • The moon suffers deprivation of light.
  • Suits to redress the deprivation of privilege secured by the constitution of the United States must be brought in a United States court.
  • In accordance with this Palmerston instructed Ponsonby to press upon the sultan, in the event of Mehemet Ali's speedy submission, not only to withdraw the sentence of deprivation but to confer upon him the hereditary pashalik of Egypt.
  • The famous May laws (1873) were a determined attempt to bring the literary education, appointment and dis cipline of the clergy under state control, and to regulate the use of such spiritual penalties as deprivation and excommunication.
  • - Primary education is regulated by a law of 1844, under which children between the ages of 7 and 15 are bound to attend a school, should there be one within a mile, under penalty to the parents of a fine and deprivation of civil rights.