List of Top Words That Rhyme With Eyes

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Updated February 11, 2021
words that rhyme with eyes examples
    words that rhyme with eyes examples
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There is definitely no shortage of words that rhyme with "eyes!" There are quite a few options, from super-short terms to longer words with several syllables. Review these top choices, along with what they mean, to expand your horizons. You're sure to discover plenty of words to use when you're searching for the perfect word that rhymes with eyes.

Single-Syllable Words That Rhyme With Eyes

Rhymes are an essential part of poetry. Many short one-syllable words rhyme with eyes. Discover a selection of top choices, paired with the meaning of each term.

  • ayes - votes in favor of something
  • buys - to make a purchase
  • cries - to shed tears; weeps
  • dies - to pass away; ceases to be alive
  • dries - to change from being wet, damp or otherwise moist to a dry state
  • flies - to travel through the air; can also be a type of insect
  • fries - to cook something in hot oil; also describes sliced fried potatoes
  • guise - to to be something one is not
  • guys - more than one male person
  • highs - occurrences marked by success, accomplishment or happiness
  • lies - untruthful statements; false information
  • pies - baked fruit or meat cooked in a pastry
  • prize - award for winning
  • prise - to move, open or reveal something in a way that requires a lot of effort
  • rise - to grow taller; to stand up for oneself
  • sighs - to let out an audible breath; could mean sadness, boredom or exhaustion
  • size - description of how large or small something or someone is
  • spies - to collect information on an enemy, opponent or competitor
  • thighs - the portions of a person's legs between the hip and knee joint
  • ties - cords, strings or other item used to connect two or more objects together; the act of creating a knot
  • tries - to attempt to accomplish somethings
  • whys - questions or concerns
  • wise - to have knowledge, experience or expertise

Two-Syllable Terms That Rhyme With Eyes

You're not limited to super-short rhyming words when you're writing poetry. You might find what you need in this collection of two-syllable terms that rhyme with eyes.

  • advise - recommend or suggest a course of action; provide guidance
  • allies - separate groups that cooperate with regards to mutual interests
  • applies - to request inclusion; something that is related to something else
  • apprise - to inform someone; make someone aware of a circumstance
  • arise - something that becomes apparent or emerges; standing up
  • baptize - to admit someone to a Christian religion
  • capsize - to overturn
  • chastise - to censure or punish inappropriate actions
  • clockwise - to move in the same direction that a clock's hands advance
  • defies - to challenge someone; to act out in opposition of those in authority
  • demise - to become deceased; a downfall; becoming diminished
  • despise - to feel hatred, extreme dislike or contempt
  • disguise - to hide or conceal the identity of someone or something
  • franchise - authority to engage in certain activities, such as a local business operating under a national brand
  • implies - strongly suggested without being specifically stated
  • lengthwise - a parallel direction; moving from top to bottom (rather than across)
  • reprise - repeat a previous occurrence or performance
  • revise - to change or alter
  • sunrise - the time daylight first appears early in the morning
  • supplies - resources or items that are needed
  • surmise - a supposition that has not been verified
  • surprise - unexpected happening
  • unwise - foolish or ill-advised

Longer Eye Rhyme Examples

Sometimes a work of writing needs a longer word to form the perfect rhyme. Consider these longer yet still lovely rhyming options for eyes. Each term on this list has at least three syllables; some are longer.

  • analyze - to methodically evaluate something based on facts and data
  • antagonize - to make someone angry or encourage hostility
  • apologize - to express regret
  • authorize - to give permission
  • brutalize - to attack savagely
  • capitalize - to make the most of a situation
  • characterize - to explain in the context of key or distinctive features
  • compromise - to settle a dispute through give and take, with all parties making concessions
  • counterclockwise - to move in the opposite direction of the way a clock's hands advance
  • criticize - to find fault with
  • customize - to modify something so it's suitable for a specific purpose
  • disenfranchise - to deprive someone of the right to vote, or another right or privilege
  • emphasize - to stress something or otherwise make clear that it is of utmost importance
  • energize - to boost the entry of something
  • enterprise - an undertaking; could refer to a project or business
  • hypothesize - to put forward a theory that may explain a phenomenon
  • maximize - to make the most of
  • mobilize - to inspire action
  • personalize - to create something that meets a particular person's requirements
  • rationalize - to seek to justify or explain actions or behavior
  • revolutionize - to fundamentally alter or change something; may refer to a radical or extreme change
  • standardize - to come up with a consistent format or approach; to find a way to make things the same or very similar
  • sympathize - to feel or express sorrow for what someone else is experiencing
  • trivialize - to diminish in importance
  • vocalize - to speak using words or sounds

Many Rhyming Options

While the above lists don't include every single word that rhymes with eyes, they do provide a varied selection of some top options to consider. Whether you're looking for eyes rhyming words for poems, song lyrics or other types of writing or speeches, you've got plenty to choose from! If you're writing about eyes, you may also need other body part words, like words that rhyme with heart. Now it's time to prepare to begin writing! Start by reviewing how to write a poem. Next, you may find it helpful to review examples of rhyme and its many types.