Examples of Applied Research Topics

Updated November 7, 2020
Examples of Applied Research Topics
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Applied research is a methodology used to solve a specific, practical issue affecting an individual or group. This scientific method of study and research is used in business, medicine, and education in order to find solutions that may improve health, solve scientific problems or develop new technology. Examples of applied research topics will show you how this method can be used to address everyday problems.

46 Applied Research Topic Examples

The following are examples of applied research topics. You can see that each of these topics cover a real-world problem.


  • Interventions for aggressive child behaviors
  • Ways to manage schizophrenia in teenagers
  • How to cure Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
  • Is mercury poisoning affecting intellectual disorders?
  • Should vaccinations be avoided to prevent autism?
  • What types of additives are acceptable and healthy for manufacturers to use in human food products?
  • Is irradiation of beef healthy for consumers?
  • Is genetically modified food hurting health?
  • Is violence in the media and in video games damaging children's mental health?
  • How can obesity be prevented?
  • What effect does fast food have on overall health?
  • How can social anxiety be overcome?
  • Does marriage prevent certain mental or physical illnesses?
  • In what ways can depression be managed without medication?
  • How does tobacco use in various forms affect humans?
  • Does marijuana pose a greater or smaller health risk than tobacco, when smoked?
  • Can marijuana cause the kind of impairment requiring it to be regulated like alcohol?


  • How can bullying be prevented in elementary schools?
  • How can the achievement gap of students from different socio-economic backgrounds be bridged in education?
  • What are ways to improve school readiness for children?
  • How can graduation rates be improved in urban school environments that are currently not producing as many graduates as their suburban counterparts?
  • What can be done to increase the amount of graduating high school students choosing to attend college?
  • Is college tuition becoming prohibitive to young adults being successful and able to support themselves?


  • The effectiveness of abstinence programs in Kentucky
  • Should pilots be armed?
  • What is causing increased poverty in cities?
  • How is the media affecting females' body perceptions?
  • What changes are necessary to create jobs in rural areas?
  • How does the consumption of oil in the United States affect its economy?
  • How would the legalization of some drugs affect various groups within society?
  • Is there a wage gap between men and women in the United States, and if so, why?
  • Are children of working mothers at any long term disadvantage as opposed to children of stay-at-home mothers?


  • How can cybersecurity be improved to prevent election fraud?
  • Is current technology use for children helpful or harmful?
  • Is modern technology creating a "dumbing down" of individuals?
  • How does social media change individual's perception of society and themselves?


  • How to abolish hate crime
  • What methods can be used to prevent criminals from reoffending?
  • Are there ways to prevent juvenile offenders from becoming lifelong criminals?


  • Ways to market products to millennials
  • What type of anti-smoking campaigns can reduce smoking among youth or adults?


  • Has U.S. foreign policy contributed to terrorism?
  • How does immigration affect the economy?
  • Do government-enforced regulations help or stigmatize those in "oppressed" groups (such as affirmative action or Title IX in women's sports)?
  • How can government help reverse or manage climate change?
  • Would a change in welfare policy spur an increase in individuals seeking work?

Applied research topics can cover a wide variety of subjects, all addressing practical problems, rather than theoretical issues.