Sentence Examples

  • They also contended that the ministry should possess no official authority or pastoral prerogative, but should merely carry into effect the decisions of majorities in the different meetings.
  • In 1 7931 79 6 he strongly criticized the administration for maintaining a neutral position between Great Britain and France, writing for the public press five papers (signed "Helvidius"), attacking the "monarchical prerogative of the executive" as exercised in the proclamation of neutrality in 1793 and denying the president's right to recognize foreign states.
  • It is important for us to know what were his ideas upon government, upon parliaments, prerogative, and so forth, since a knowledge of this will clear up much that would seem inexplicable in his life.
  • The lord lieutenant and his chief secretary continued to be appointed by the English ministers; their tenure of office depended on the vicissitudes of English, not Irish, party politics; the royal prerogative was exercised in Ireland on the advice of English ministers.
  • Moreover, in the event of the failure of a Habsburg heir, the diet reserved the right to revive the " ancient, approved and accepted custom and prerogative of the estates and orders in the matter of the election and coronation of their king."

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