Sentence Examples

  • Next to the Roman Uniats (whom they term Rassen or Venal) they most hate the Nestorian Syrians of Persia.
  • As a matter of fact, no man was more free or outspoken in his criticism of the policy of his employers than this apparently venal writer.
  • The practice of pulling down the ancient monuments to be used as building material, which was connived at by venal officials, was strictly prohibited.
  • For some time the history of the gaekwars was very much the same as that of most territorial houses in India: an occasional able minister, more rarely an able prince; but, on the other hand, a long dreary list of incompetent heads, venal advisers and taskmasters oppressive to the people.
  • At their worst, even with venal examiners (and additional fees were often offered as a bribe), Rashdall regards these examinations (at the end of the 13th century) as probably " less of a farce than the pass examinations of Oxford and Cambridge almost within the memory of persons now living."

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