Sentence Examples

  • It is said that he was accused of venality, and on that account disgraced, but of this there is no proof.
  • The venality of the electors became notorious.
  • C. P. Stone zealously served Ismail, had entirely failed to overcomeEgyptian venality and intrigue; and in spite of the military schools, with a ~omprdhens1ve syllabus, the only perceptible difference between the Egyptian officer and private in 1879 consisted, according to one of the Americans, in the fact that the first was the product of the harem, and the second of the field.
  • On the 2 ist, a few moments after the estates had assembled, the king in full regalia appeared, and taking his seat on the throne, delivered that famous philippic, one of the masterpieces of Swedish oratory, in which he reproached the estates for their unpatriotic venality and licence in the past.
  • Exposed thus to attack, his weakness, if not his venality, was long an article of faith among the liberals.

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