Sentence Examples

  • Long ago, it had been a negotiating point with the Council: allow Anshan to control its own mines without Council peacekeepers' presence, or the planet would be too polluted for anyone to mine at all.
  • Unlike the regular military, the political elite's security private forces were made up of children from the upper class to prevent the elite class from becoming polluted by the poor.
  • The Levites who had been idolatrous are punished by exclusion from the proper priestly work, and take the subordinate offices which the uncircumcised and polluted foreigners had formerly filled, while the sons of Zadok, who had remained faithful, are henceforth the legitimate priests, the only descendants of Levi who are allowed to minister unto Yahweh (Ezek.
  • Say a business makes widgets, and one of the by-products of making a widget is a gallon of mildly polluted water.
  • And say the net cost to society of having a gallon of polluted water dumped into the river—the cleanup cost, or the economic impact of the gallon of dirty water—is $10.

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