Sentence Examples

  • Caught in the middle of the battle between Others and Watchers, her danger was increasing, and he was stuck in a riddle he couldn't quite solve.
  • Fred couldn't resist a mystery and here was a riddle on-site.
  • He feared the palace would go down with Death, what with the nonsense she was spouting about leaving.  He took in his best friend's features, uncertain whether becoming Death was a good thing or not.  Gabe looked the same, and hopefully, he wouldn't turn into the riddle-talking sociopath that preceded him.
  • Haeckel's Riddle of the Universe maintains that " life may be something not only ultra-terrestrial, but even immaterial, something outside our present categories of matter and energy; as real as they are, but different, and utilizing them for its own purpose " (Life and Matter, 1906, p. 198).
  • Or at least he has rightly seen what are the assertions to aim at; it is difficult to accept the principle or method upon which his answer to the riddle proceeds, the dialectic method.

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