Sentence Examples

  • If you're in a bind, feel free to apply a regular sunscreen to the hair but be sure to rinse it out properly, as the oils and many other chemicals typically found in skin-specific sunscreen can be damaging to stressed locks.
  • A light fade and a straight leg keeps the Classic jean minimal; a darker rinse with visible topstitching is appropriate for an evening out; and the super skinny version is etched with bold stitching for a bolder appearance.
  • Coffee Maker: A weak vinegar solution can remove stains from a coffee pot and help eliminate poor tasting coffee from leftover residue, but be sure to rinse the pot thoroughly afterwards to avoid a vinegar taste.
  • Some shampoos are self-rinsing, which means they require no water rinse and will dry without feeling tacky, and there are even dry shampoos in powder form that can provide a quick refresher between full baths.
  • Cream rinse, conditioner, hair spray, mousse, gel, mayonnaise, or vinegar should not be used before treatment or within one week after treatment since these products can reduce pediculicide effectiveness.

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