Sentence Examples

  • In addition to tweaking your shampoo recipe until you get the perfect results for your hair, you're doing something else that is good for you and for the environment-eliminating the use of certain chemicals and reusing your shampoo bottle.
  • Specific formulas are available for color treated hair (Color Assure shampoo and Color Ensure conditioner), damaged hair (Emergencee conditioner), and other hair types, including styling products for heat-treated and curly hair.
  • For anyone who does not feel the need for any sort of complicated hair styling products, but simply wants a good and high-quality shampoo for the correct hair type, there are several Frieda products that can meet these needs.
  • Semi permanent color contains little or no developer, ammonia, or peroxide, produces a natural look that only last four to five shampoo, and while semi permanent color may blend gray, it will usually not cover it very well.
  • One of the greatest advantages to visiting a professional salon is their wide selection of designer hair care products including shampoo, conditioner, gel, hair spray, and other items that can keep hair looking fabulous.