Sentence Examples

  • If your hair is severely dry from environmental wear and tear or processing, the Tigi Moisture Maniac Shampoo can restore your hair's natural moisture balance while granting strands a smooth, healthy-looking appearance.
  • Should the cradle cap persist beyond the aid of dandruff shampoo, your child's pediatrician may prescribe a prescription hydrocortisone cream that works to control the irritation and hormonal activity in affected areas.
  • You will also need to shampoo your cat's fur with insecticidal shampoo and possibly bomb your house to remove mites from your carpet and furniture, but make sure you only use products formulated as safe for felines.
  • In addition to tweaking your shampoo recipe until you get the perfect results for your hair, you're doing something else that is good for you and for the environment-eliminating the use of certain chemicals and reusing your shampoo bottle.
  • Specific formulas are available for color treated hair (Color Assure shampoo and Color Ensure conditioner), damaged hair (Emergencee conditioner), and other hair types, including styling products for heat-treated and curly hair.