Sentence Examples

  • Guys who don't want to wear full body leprechaun mascot costumes while they bar hop on St. Patty's Day might consider wearing a traditional shirt and jeans, while rocking the holiday with shamrock shades, a green wig or a shamrock top hat.
  • Shamrocks: Usually found in stores only around St. Patrick's Day, shamrocks have tall stems, green shamrock leaf clusters and cute little white flowers that bloom intermittently.
  • For example, if you want to show up to a St. Patrick's Day party as a sexy leprechaun, consider donning your favorite micro mini and a pair of shamrock printed stockings with glittery green stilettos accented with shamrock stickers.
  • The knot was adopted by early Christians and, like the shamrock, was used by them to illustrate the concept of the Holy Trinity, or how the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit together make one God.
  • All a shamrock asks is occasional water, some sunlight and a regular pruning. the life cycle of a shamrock is such that the stems turn brown regularly, so you have to get rid of those.