Practical Proposal Essay Topics for Students

Updated May 6, 2020
Essay title in notebook
    Essay title in notebook
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In a proposal essay, you’ll share an idea, usually the solution to a problem, and try to convince the reader that your idea is good and feasible. A proposal essay involves a lot of research about your chosen topic, so choose a proposal essay topic you’re passionate about. See if one of these proposal essay topics sparks your interest.

Funny Proposal Essay Topics

If you’re writing an informal proposal essay, choose a funny topic to keep the essay light and entertaining. Think of funny problems people encounter every day.

  • How can students learn everything they need to know on the internet?
  • What cell phone feature could help prevent people from running into objects while they’re walking and texting?
  • How can students get exercise while sitting at their desks in class?
  • What are some strategies for toilet training pets?
  • Discuss the most promising way to communicate with aliens if they are real.
  • How do you ensure you use your shampoo and conditioner at the same rate?
  • Offer modifications or features of kitchen appliances that would ensure food safety.
  • Discuss an unconventional mode of public transportation that would be better than buses.

Proposal Essay Topics About Animals

Proposal essays are a type of persuasive essay. Use your power of persuasion to help animals with these practical animal proposal essay topics.

  • How can people stop illegal pet trading?
  • How could machines make pets self-sufficient while their owners are away?
  • How can zoos be safe without using cages or glass enclosures?
  • What is a new dog breed mix that would make the perfect pet?
  • What is the best way to bring extinct animals back to life?
  • Offer simple ways to deal with stray animals.
  • Discuss universal mandates on pet ownership.
  • What are the best ways to protect animals in polluted waters?

Education Proposal Essay Topics

Many education proposals are perfect for writing an academic research proposal because there is so much information available on what works and what doesn’t.

  • How can people keep creating physical books without using paper?
  • Discuss student-led learning in public schools.
  • Should there be recess for middle school or high school students?
  • Make a case for elementary students switching classes like high school students do.
  • What are the best flexible seating options for the classroom?
  • How could you make longer lunch periods for kids?
  • Should emotional support animals be allowed in school?
  • Discuss high school or elementary school start times.
  • How can students and teachers accurately evaluate teachers?
  • How would you go about lowering school reliance on supplies that cost money?
  • Is there one language that should be the official language of Earth?

Healthcare and Medical Proposal Essay Topics

If you choose a medical topic that discusses a medical problem and offers a solution for that problem, it might also be called a problem solution essay. Think of medical problems faced by specific populations or ways the healthcare system could be better overall.

  • What is the cheapest way to have good healthcare for all humans?
  • How can you keep a doctor’s office waiting room sanitary?
  • Should doctors return to offering house calls?
  • How could one keep the cost of life-saving medicines down?
  • What is the best way to protect people’s personal medical information?
  • Discuss strategies or products that could help incapacitated people give their medical history or allergies.
  • Discuss the ideal hospital size for care and sanitation.
  • Share tools to make virtual doctor visits thorough.

Business Proposal Essay Topics

Students of all ages can use their entrepreneurial spirits to propose solutions to common business problems.

  • What could fashion designers use instead of new fabrics to make trendy clothes?
  • At what point should technology stop evolving?
  • Should AI replace human workers?
  • Could people work in a virtual world?
  • What does the ideal work week look like?
  • Should teens have jobs?
  • Are small businesses or corporations better for the economy?
  • How can the government encourage the establishment of more small farms?

Propose Your Solution

If you’re wondering how to write a proposal once you’ve chosen a topic, you can check out proposal samples and use a simple argumentative essay outline to get started. What creative solutions can you think of for common problems?