Sentence Examples

  • The floor of the sluice is laid with riffles made of strips of wood 2 in.
  • At neap-tide; in the sluice of the dock the numbers are 291 and 231 respectively.
  • And upwards in area, which are placed somewhat below the main sluice, and communicate with it above and below, the entry being protected by a grating so that only the finer material is admitted.
  • Broad; it has vertical shafts at intervals, and a sluice chamber at its egress from the lake.
  • Air is then forced into the inclosed space by means of a compressing engine, until the pressure is sufficient to oppose the flow of water into the excavation, and to drive out any that may collect in the bottom of the shaft through a pipe which is carried through the air-sluice to the surface.