Sentence Examples

  • Attachments were vulnerabilities, distractions.
  • He didn't like emotional attachments to anything; it was hard to leave when one was stuck.
  • FLYING - SQUIRREL, properly the name of such members of the squirrel-group of rodent mammals as have a parachute-like expansion of the skin of the flanks, with attachments to the limbs, by means of which they are able to take long flying-leaps from tree to tree.
  • This naturally affectionate abandonment that every one felt in him had procured him profound attachments and rare devotions.
  • With the mouth into a single exterior opening), there is a terminal opening, the rhynchostome (subterminal in Valencinia), at the foremost tip of the body, out of which the proboscis is seen shooting backwards and forwards, sometimes with so much force that both its interior attachments are severed and it is entirely expelled from the body.

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