Sentence Examples

  • By the time she'd made the second stitch, he was unconscious and she was sick to her stomach.
  • Rhyn focused the little bit of magic he had remaining on the wood.  Fire sprang up.  With it, Rhyn felt a stitch of the seam binding his power snap.
  • Where, as in private herbaria, the specimens are not liable to be handled with great frequency, a stitch here and there round the stem, tied at the back of the sheet, or slips of paper passed over the stem through two slits in the sheet and attached with gum to its back, or simply strips of gummed paper laid across the stem, may be resorted to.
  • Until recent years the forest birds did much to atone for this deficiency, for among them the tui and makomako rank high as songsters, while the apteryxes, kakapo, weka and stitch-bird are of peculiar interest to science.
  • And every stitch, he writes, represents a kind wish for my health and happiness.

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