Sentence Examples

  • Pallial suture and no siphons; freshwater; larva a glochidium.
  • G, So-called facial "suture" (not really a suture).
  • No ectopterygoid pterygoid not extending to quadrate; no supratemporal or squamosal; prefrontal forming a suture with nasal; coronoid present; vestiges of pelvis present.
  • Up to the present time all attempts to arrange the genera in natural and definable groups have failed to meet with general approval; and this criticism must be extended to Beecher's subdivision of the class into three orders, named Hypoparia, Proparia and Opisthoparia, based upon the form and position of a groove, the so-called genal suture, which marks the lateral portion of the head-shield.
  • Are either incorporated in, or pressed below, the tegmen by interambulacrals; all thecal plates united by suture, somewhat loose in the earliest forms, but speedily becoming close, and producing a rigid theca; mouth and tegminal food-grooves closed; arms pinnulate.

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