Sentence Examples

  • The later English artists have somewhat changed the mode of communicating motion to the slides, by attaching the screws pdrmanently to the micrometer head and tapping each micrometer screw into its slide.
  • Like another Socrates, he taught them to know themselves, repressing vanity, encouraging the despondent, and attaching all alike by his unobtrusive sympathy.
  • 24 1916; and regulations were issued on Dec. 19 1916 and June 18 1918, attaching a series of conditions to dealings in foreign money, bills and securities, which amounted actually to a monopolizing of all such operations by the Devisenzentrale.
  • It consists in attaching to the loop or ventral segment of a vibrating body, e.g.
  • Circular nodal lines unaccompanied by intersecting lines cannot be produced in the manner described; but may be got either by drilling a small hole through the centre, and drawing a horse-hair along its edge to bring out the note, or by attaching a long thin elastic rod to the centre of the plate, at right angles to it, holding the rod by the.

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