Sentence Examples

  • The Instantiae of Gassendi appeared at Amsterdam in 1644 as a reply to the reply which Descartes had published of his previous objections; and the publication by Heinrich Regius of his work on physical philosophy (Fundamenta physices, 1646) gave the world to understand that he had ceased to be a thorough adherent of the philosophy which he had so enthusiastically adopted.
  • During all his life Scaurus was a firm adherent of the moderate aristocratical party, which frequently involved him in quarrels with the representatives of the people and the extremists on his own side.
  • He was at first an adherent of Daniel D.
  • Cromwell, without naming himself an adherent of any denomination, fought vigorously for Independency as a policy.
  • Dennett is a notable adherent of this view, regarding physicalism as true and holding the very notion of the philosophical zombie incoherent.

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