Sentence Examples

  • Much as she loved them both, she was beginning to form a special attachment to Tim.
  • The ten-year-old child she adopted and turned into a killer started as a weapon with no more attachment to her than a sword or dagger.
  • If not for the attachment she let grow to Xander, she wouldn't be concerned about tomorrow at all.
  • A point of great importance is to be noted in the attachment of the gills near the stem at 0, P; the gills in the true mushroom are (as shown) usually more or less free from the stem, they never grow boldly against it or run down it; they may sometimes just touch the spot where the stem joins the bottom of the cap, but never more; there is usually a slight channel, as at r, all round the top of the stem.
  • Fastibilis; the difference in the nature of the attachment of the gills near the stem is seen at R, the absence of a true ring at s, and of a pendent frill at T.

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