Sentence Examples

  • In 1897 he became military attache at the American legation in Madrid.
  • He entered the diplomatic service in 1869 and began as an attache in Florence, eventually in Rome.
  • Entering the diplomatic service, the son was in 1872 appointed attache to the Austrian embassy at Berlin, where he became secretary of legation, and thence he was transferred to Paris.
  • His diplomatic career began at the congress of Paris, after the Crimean War, where he took an active part as military attache in the negotiations regarding the rectification of the Russian frontier on the Lower Danube.
  • In 18 J9 he joined the revolutionary committee which paved the way for Garibaldi's triumphs in the following year; then after spending a short time at Turin as attache to the Italian foreign office he was elected mayor of Palermo.