Sentence Examples

  • Foucaux published in 1847 a translation from the Rgya tcher rol-pa, the Tibetan version of the Lalita Vistara, and in 1858 a Grammaire thibe'taine; while Ant.
  • Other philosophical works by Proclus are /roL X ELwoLS 4VO K 7 ti 7 HEpi KLV 7) Uews (Institutio physica sive De motu, a compendium of the last five books of Aristotle's IIEpt qu6LK?7s aKpoaaEWS, De physica auscultatione), and De providentia et fato, Decem dubitationes circa providentiann, De malorum subsistentia, known only by the Latin translation of William of Moerbeke (archbishop of Corinth, 1277-1281), who also translated the JTOtX€LW cs 9EoaoyLK17 into Latin.