Sentence Examples

  • Rises the Gaisberg (4206 ft.), which is ascended by a rack-and-pinion railway, which starts from Parsch.
  • Per second; but, unlike the older machines, in which the cutting is done in a fixed plane, the chain with its motor is made movable, and is fed forward by a rack-and-pinion motion as the cutting advances, so that the cut is limited in breadth (31 to 4 ft.), while its depth may be varied up to the maximum travel (8 ft.) of the cutting frame.
  • To the west of Buda extends the hill (1463 ft.) of Svab-Hegy (Schwabenberg), with extensive view and numerous villas; it is ascended by a rack-and-pinion railway.
  • A rack-and-pinion railway (opened in 1897) ascends from Llanberis to the summit of the mountain (44 m.).