Sentence Examples

  • R seemed to be more distant but no less attentive, and perhaps under his veil of discretion, is even more technically adroit.
  • For example, the plot of Prom Queen, which first appeared on MySpace, revolves around a text message sent to one of the characters, which stated "U R going 2 kill the prom queen." Prom Queen now has its own website.
  • Meadow Beauty (Rhexia) - R. virginica is a beautiful dwarf bog plant with vivid, deep rosy flowers 6 or 8 inches high, in sandy swamps in New England and the Eastern States, and is found as far west as Illinois and Wisconsin.
  • If you want inexpensive clothing or polos that your child is going to play in, get dirty, or wear for a short time, you may want to opt for a less expensive brand such as those you can get from stores like Kids R Us Clothing.
  • Rue (Ruta) - The common Rue (R. graveolens) is not ornamental, but R. albiflora is a graceful autumn-flowering plant about 2 feet high, with leaves resembling those of the common Rue, only more glaucous and finely divided.