Sentence Examples

  • Hating as he did feudal class institutions and Tudor-Stuart traditions of arbitrary rule, 2 his attitude can be imagined toward Hamilton's oft-avowed partialities - and Jefferson assumed, his intrigues - for British class-government with its eighteenth-century measure of corruption.
  • Overton, English Church in the Eighteenth Century and A.
  • The conviction which then flashed upon one of the most powerful and most active intellects in England is the true source of English Methodism" (History of England in Eighteenth Century, ii.
  • The reign of Josiah is important for the biblical account of the great religious reforms which began in his eighteenth year, when he manifested interest in the repair of the Temple at Jerusalem.
  • Spengel, "Die Enteropneusten," Eighteenth Monograph on the Fauna and Flora des Golfes von Neapel (1893); A.