Sentence Examples

  • Potter), youv Kara aX770e1a3 KavOva yvw07L,ojs 7ra pa56cr ws iiroirreia, he rov irepi Kov/.coyovias rac Ev6EvSe ava,alvovva Eirl T6 OeoXoyLK6v eiSos.
  • The original form of HEp4E0Es was inrepOep E rac or iurEp40pot (" those who carry over"), which becoming irirp(30poe gave rise to the popular derivation from f300as ("dwellers beyond the north wind").
  • The largest refracting telescope yet made, viz., that constructed by Gautier for the Paris exhibition of 1900, was arranged on this plan (type F), the stars' rays being reflected along the horizontal axis re rac or of a telescope provided with visual and with photo graphic object-glasses of 49-in.
  • Rac y, again, yEVEcts, becoming, birth), a term used in philosophy, theology and biology.