Sentence Examples

  • 6th of Rabi` I.) at Balkh, in Khorasan, where his family had resided from time immemorial.
  • Al-Rabi al-Khatharni, I67I 68 (784785).
  • In the valleys of the Waksh and Pro- and the Surkhab to the north of Darwaz, which form an important part of the province of Karategin, maple, ash, hawthorn, pistachio, and juniper grow freely in the mountain forests, and beetroot, kohl rabi, and other vegetables are widely cultivated.
  • They belonged for the greater part to the Rabi t a, who always stood more or less aloof from the other Arabs, and had a particular grudge against the Modar.
  • - As soon as Mansur was dead, Rabi`, his client and chamberlain, induced all the princes and generals who accompanied the caliph, to take the oath of allegiance to his son Mahommed al-Mandi, who was then at Bagdad.