Sentence Examples

  • Radde, "Aus den Daghestanischen Hochalpen," in Petermanns Mitteilungen, Erganzungsheft, No.
  • Radde, among which the most numerous are migratory birds and the birds of prey which pursue them.
  • The Siberian branch of the Russian Geographical Society was founded at the same time at Irkutsk, and afterwards became a permanent centre for the exploration of Siberia; while the opening of the Amur and Sakhalin attracted Maack, Schmidt, Glehn, Radde and Schrenck, whose works on the flora, fauna and inhabitants of Siberia have become widely known.
  • (1855-1856); Radde, Fauna and Flora des siidwestlichen Kaspigebietes (1886); J.
  • Radde (Beitr.